An Energy Boost for Introverts

Many people define themselves as “introverted” or “extraverted.” Extraverts are those who draw energy from being around other people- they feel antsy and lonely when they don’t have others to talk with. Introverts tend to feel drained after interacting with many people, and need time alone to recharge. Even the most introvert-friendly careers and workplaces may have days that require an introvert to get in touch with their extravert side, so here are some tips to help an introvert prepare for those times.

1. Prepare. Whether it’s rehearsing your presentation for 200 people, or developing your talking points for an important agenda item at the team meeting, or brainstorming ideas to share with a client- you’ll feel more confident knowing you’ve been though these points before. Additionally, rehearsing can help you work out verbal kinks such as using “um” every other word.
2. Use Your Schedule. Think about what events or meetings will zap your energy, and what tasks will help you focus and rebuild your energy. Try to coordinate these events and plan effectively so that you have time to build up your energy before and after the Big Energy Zapping Thing.
3. Warm Up. Say your boss calls an emergency meeting and you aren’t ready for it. Force yourself to make small talk with someone you don’t normally talk to, just to get yourself out of your shell and more in “conversation mode.”
4. Create Your “Public Persona.” How do you act when you are at your most confident level? Are you more outgoing, poised, and in control of your words? Figure out how to tap into that persona on demand. Maybe hearing a particular song to get you boosted up, or a favorite shirt or pair of shoes- whatever helps you get that confidence going.
5. Enjoy Your Day. Determine what little pleasures will help keep you happy- taking a walk during a lunch break, or getting a grande coffee instead of just a tall. Do little things to give you joy, and things to look forward to as rewards for doing an awesome job in the brainstorming session with a client or during your 45 minute presentation.

These are just some of the tips that Kara Andersen shared in her article on The Muse. You can read the entire article here:

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