Watch Your Wording

We have all heard horror stories of emails that were misinterpreted or misunderstood. The tone wasn’t “read” right, or the wording seemed off. It happens everywhere, and could easily happen to anyone. Thankfully, to prevent a potential problem, Aja Frost wrote an excellent article for The Muse regarding three words to avoid in an email. By restructuring your emails to ensure they don’t include these three words, your email will not be perceived as being rude. Frost gives the following explanations:

1. Actually: By including “actually,” the writer of the email is interpreted as trying to correct the reader
2. Sorry: Since it is so overused, “sorry” is seemed as flippant and generally not REALLY sorry
3. Me: An obvious inward focus, when it should be on the reader

Frost does a wonderful job of giving more details, examples, and alternatives in the article, which you can read here:
Happy emailing!

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