Monthly Archives: May 2016

Words of Advice

Our Commencement Ceremony is on Sunday, and with every commencement comes words of advice as our seniors become alumni right in front of us. Of course, everyone in our office has lots of anecdotes and words of wisdom we could share, but here is my favorite- courtesy of Conan O’Brien.  Go well, Class of 2016!



Finals Week is Here!

Happy finals week, students! We know you can do it! Find a method of studying that works for you and keep with it. Try really hard not to procrastinate, and not to pull all-nighters. Do the best you can- we believe in you.

If all else fails, have the same attitude as this cuddly penguin- he believes in you, too!

Finals penguin

The Final Week!

It’s our last week of classes! Hang in there, students!