Mykala Harris: Federal Diversity Intern at the Dept. of Veterans Affairs (New Orleans, LA)

Jazz. Jazz Hands.

greeting NOLA

The great NOLA welcomed me with open arms and a lot of humidity. The airport was not as large as many other international airports I have arrived and departed from, so it was easy to maneuver through the crowds of people. The ride from the airport was smooth and picturesque. From all of the negative thoughts surrounding Hurricane Katrina, my first impression was the direct opposite of what I expected to see throughout the streets of New Orleans. Though a lot of people were skeptical of my decision to come down to New Orleans, I am glad that I was able to see the city first hand.

The people of New Orleans are warm and inviting. Though it is a tourist city, if you enter a new shop or restaurant, you are greeted like you are a frequent visitor. A lot of business owners throughout my travels in Europe were not very inviting or friendly. However, I believe New Orleans, as a whole, loves to give everyone the best time of their life. Whether you are going out for crawfish or gelato, you will find people who will make sure that you have the best quality and the best experience. Southern hospitality at its finest!rivewalk outlets

Oh, and do not be afraid to ask for discounts or specials! The tax in New Orleans is 14.5%, so it will quickly add up. If anyone has ever been to Washington, D.C. and has bought anything, it is similar to that experience. Your subtotal maybe $9, but with tax it is roughly $11. For my foodies and shopaholics, make sure that you catch food deals crawfishsuch as $10 plates before 3 pm, festivals, clothing sales, and street vendors. Even though you are having fun, be smart with your money and budget as much as possible!

Also, before you leave NOLA, be sure to embrace everything the culture has to offer. During the summer months, there is a festival every weekend by the river. The festivals put NOLA’s culture all in one place. There is traditional music, traditional food, and great people. You can choose to go alone or with someone, either way you will always have a great time. If you love seafood, make sure that you eat crawfish; if you are of legal age, drink a Daiquiri; and if you love music, make sure you listen to some jazz.

jazz festWhatever you do decide to do when you come to NOLA, make sure you live it up! Stay tuned for more about the infamous Bourbon Street, Canal Street, and Essence Festival festivities.


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Peace. Love. Harmony.


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