Mykala Harris: Federal Diversity Intern at the Dept. of Veterans Affairs (New Orleans, LA)

Post-Internship BluesImage result for sadness

After a readjustment to the humid and sweltering weather, New Orleans is now another place on the world map that I can call home. The past ten weeks has been phenomenal and I could not have picked a better place for my internship. The people I have met during the course of my internship are irreplaceable and hold a special place in my heart. The food in New Orleans is nothing short of delicious and my diet was definitely struggling! However, with any experience, it is the memories that I take back home with me that matters most.

Being a life long learner has always been a top priority for me. Whether it it learning a new professional skill or learning a few more phrases in Spanish, I always take every opportunity to add more to my knowledge base. Over the course of my internship I have learned new technical and personable skills that I will be able to apply to my career after graduation. I have made friends from all over the USA and will be sure to visit them when I have the chance. I am always open to a new adventure with some good friends.
 Whether it is stopping in Puerto Rico or visiting California, you can never have too flight miles.

My mentor and the many staff members within the Department of Veterans Affairs are going to be within my extended network. When it was time for me to depart, everyone was sad to see me go. It always feels good when you know that you will be missed. It shows that you have positively impacted the surrounding environment. Furthermore, my mentor and supervisor extended an invitation for my return to the office and to just hang out in New Orleans. Of course I took them up on their offer and I will, hopefully, be heading back down in March 2017!


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