Monthly Archives: September 2016

Top Five Tips for Seniors

It can be tough to be a college senior.  You’re in limbo between enjoying the last bit of the college experience and preparing yourself for the real world that lies ahead. The ELCDC is always happy to help our seniors figure out what should come next! Here are five tips to help ease the anxiety of life after graduation.

  1. If you haven’t started your resume already, start it now. Yes, it’s only the second week of classes, but it’s better to start it before it gets lost in the shuffle of papers for class and events on campus. Then you’ll have it whenever you need it.
  2. Use your resources. Talk with the career counselors, your academic advisor(s), alumni, family, and friends to see what opportunities may lie ahead.  You can also utilize helpful websites like to research different job options, and find open positions through Purple Briefcase and CareerShift.
  3. Make time for ELCDC events. We frequently host job fairs that are by industry rather than by major.  We also host networking events with alumni and local professionals.  There’s a Graduate School Day every fall, and in the spring we not only take part in the Lehigh Valley Collegiate Career Expo but also Teacher Recruitment Day.
  4. Brush up on your skills. Networking events and interviews can be tough, especially if you don’t practice those skills often. Come to our networking events to strengthen your elevator speech.  Take part in a mock interview with our office to learn how to answer the questions employers may ask you.
  5. Feel all the feels.  It’s absolutely normal to feel excited and nervous throughout your senior year. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our office so we can help you feel less stressed. Let us know when you hear good news about a job or graduate school acceptance. We’re here to support you however we can!