Federal Resume Tips

The Federal Government hosts a myriad of opportunities for civilians, veterans, and even undergraduate students. These jobs cross all agencies and industries, and can typically be found through usajobs.gov. Although they are great options, there is one caveat- they require a federal resume!

But, you may ask, what IS a federal resume? Why do I need a completely different resume than the standard one I use for any old job?  The good news is you don’t have to completely recreate the wheel.  You can typically add more detail and formatting to your current resume, and it will be ready to go for a federal position.  Keep in mind that, like you would for any position, you will need to tailor your federal resume for anything you apply for.

When developing your federal resume, you will need to include more details than you would in a traditional resume. Not only will you need your title and start/end dates, you will also need to include the number of hours worked, the name of your supervisor, and whether or not it is ok to contact them. Within your education section, you will need to note relevant courses and the number of semester hours you have completed. You may also want to add in more detail regarding community service. Because it is asking for additional information, you may go onto an additional page.  Moreover, you will need to include the position title, job announcement number, and grade level- all of which is found on the job announcement.

There are many resources available online to help you create your federal resume. For additional tips, we recommend using the USAJOBS Help Center and Go Government.

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