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More Than Just Bullet Points!

More Than Just Bullet Points!

A common problem our students face is that they doubt their skills set and accomplishment statements.  With only their college experience, it can seem to them that their resume is the same information over and over again.  Maybe they’re accounting students, who completed two internships, but they did tax accounting at both places.  Or they’re communications students who write for every publication on campus.  “But there’s only so many ways to say that I write!” they point out.  It’s a very valid point.  This article from Careerealism can be extremely helpful for many students who are facing that issue.  Your resume, as with numerous other things in life, is a point where quality is better than quantity. You can write for five different newspapers and magazines, but what qualities did you gain from each of them? What challenges did you face, and how did you solve them?  What accomplishments did you gain at the magazine versus the newspaper?  Your resume is more than just listing skills.  Use your resume to show growth and how you stretched your boundaries!


The Water Slide

The Water Slide

Sometimes, standing at the top of the water slide can be scary. You think to yourself things like “But I’m so high up!” or “What if I get stuck?” or “But I can’t see all the twists and turns!” That’s normal! Everyone has those thoughts because fear is normal! But unless you push yourself, you won’t have the accomplishment. You have to go for it, otherwise, you’ll never know what it’s like to have that success. So remember what Tina Fey says (and really, who doesn’t love Tina Fey quotes?) and push yourself to stop thinking and just go for it!