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A Lasting Last Impression

I know we often stress the importance of sending a thank you note after the interview, and I think it’s information that is always worth repeating.  Everyone knows that more often than not, your resume and cover letter are your first impression with an employer.  In turn, your thank you note after an interview is potentially your last impression- so shouldn’t it be a good one? Education Week makes some great points about how to make sure your thank you notes leave your last impression as a positive one!




Face Your Fear- Alone!

Yes, we know, networking events can be super scary.  It may seem like a great idea to go with a friend- someone who can be nervous with you, and can help fill in the gaps in conversations.  However, our friends at the Culture and Manners Institute don’t agree. Here’s what they have to say:

“In a list of Top 10 Fears, somewhere after Public Speaking and before Death, falls the Fear of Walking Into a Room Full of Strangers.  None of us wants to spend the evening standing along the wall, feeling like we are at an eighth grade dance.

 But the challenge of networking is we have to go it alone.

 When you bring a friend, it’s like bringing a security blanket.  You may feel more comfortable, but you won’t meet anyone new, because you will have your friend to fall back on for conversation.  Being alone forces you to seek out others.  Bringing a friend also makes you look dependent on others.  You want to let others know you can hold your own.

 Ditto for “Helicopter Mom” at the Career Fair.  Or cradling your cell phone for the entire evening.

If you want to move forward in your career, it’s time to get uncomfortable.  Smile, introduce yourself and give a firm handshake.  It might feel awkward at first, but with each person you meet, your confidence will grow.  And who knows, you might meet the person who will make a difference in your career.  Or make a new friend to not bring the next time.”

Find out more at http://www.cultureandmanners.com

Interview Time? Better Be Prepared!

Interview Time? Better Be Prepared!

This week, our office is running an event called Interview Palooza.  This is an opportunity for students to prepare for the job or internship search by doing a mock interview with a member of the career services team.  Students are required to submit a resume and job posting and must come to the appointment dressed professionally.  Many of the students who participate in this event have never done a formal interview before, and they leave feeling more confident about upcoming interviews because of one simple thing- they feel more prepared.  In a perfect world, everyone would have an opportunity to have a mock interview before their first professional interview, but unfortunately, timing doesn’t always allow for that.  So, here are some tips thanks to our friends at Careerealism, that can help ease your nerves.

 Research – It shows your knowledge and helps you feel that you’ve already established a connection
1. Research the company

2. Research the interviewer and the hiring manager

Look good – Who doesn’t get a confidence boost when they look in the mirror and know they can rock professional wear?

3. Dress one level up from the interviewer

4. Make a memorable appearance

5. Don’t overdo the cologne or perfume

Don’t forget the little things – because they really do add up in the eyes of an interviewer

6. Ditch the gum

7. Ditch the cell phone

8. Practice smiling

9. Have a proper handshake ready

Know the basics, and have questions ready for them – The ultimate sign of preparation!

10. Google “interview questions and answers” or use our handy Interview Guide (link below) to get a feeling for what they may ask you.  Be prepared to answer with examples and the ability to demonstrate how you’ll be a stellar employee.  Then, have questions ready to ask them. This will show you’re truly interested in them and want to learn as much as you possibly can.


The Job Search Started in… Kindergarten?

The Job Search Started in… Kindergarten?

Everyone has seen those posters with little kids on it and it reads “Everything I ever needed to know, I learned in Kindergarten.”  Meant to be affirming and lighthearted, they do make you take a step back and get some perspective.  Although you may not realize it, many of those things you learned in kindergarten also apply to the job search- whether you’re looking for a summer job, an entry level position, or vying for a CEO position.  Careerealism does a wonderful job giving details about what you’ve learned and why they’re essential to keep in mind. What other things did you learn in kindergarten that are important to the job search today?

  1. Say “Please” and “Thank You” from the point you send a cover letter to the time you accept the job
  2. Don’t give up, even when the process seems overwhelming. Learning your letters and math seemed hard, but you had your teacher and other classmates to help you.  Now, as you job search, don’t forget your friends, family, and college services ready to be a support system
  3. Be Respectful to everyone, not just the interviewer
  4. Take a nap (or another form of mental health break) so the process doesn’t become boring or overwhelming
  5. Balance your day and give yourself some variety. Take time to work on your resume, polish your interview skills, and search for new connections on LinkedIn to give yourself a change of pace from just reading job postings online.

Avoid That Awkward Initial Email!

Avoid That Awkward Initial Email!

    It’s not uncommon for students today to prefer reaching out via email. After growing up in a technology-based world, it’s so much easier to email their professors or family instead of calling them.   Therefore, it makes sense that, when making an initial contact to make their network bigger, a student would use email. If that is your preferred method of outreach, there are a few things to keep in mind.

    First, it will be a lot less awkward for you if you know you are emailing the right person.  It’s easier to feel comfortable reaching out to someone if you have a connection with them, such as being an alum.  You can use the company website or LinkedIn to do your research. This will yield better results than just sending an email to companyname@company.com.

   Second, don’t be afraid to be tactfully forward in your subject line. Don’t be too abrupt, like “Need advice ASAP!” or ”need  an internship” ) in the subject line. Be specific. “College junior looking for advice for the Fashion field” is perfect.

  Third, be formal. Use their title, and of course their last name, such as “Mr. Feeney” or “Ms. Matthews.”  This will show the recipient your level of maturity and tact.

  Fourth, give a little background information. Let them know about yourself professionally.  Explain to them what your goals are. Ask, kindly, for specific advice. For example, “could you tell me more about what you were looking for when selecting a graduate school,” this is precise and not overwhelming for them to answer.

   And fifth, tell the person you are emailing why you like them!  This shows that you’ve done your research AND that there is something in particular they can offer you.

   To learn more about these suggestions, check out USA Today College at : http://www.usatodayeducate.com/staging/index.php/career/5-tips-for-writing-a-great-networking-e-mail

5 Reasons to Love Virtual Internships

5 Reasons to Love Virtual Internships

Once again, our friends at Careerealism have posted an outstanding article. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of an internship as a way to get hands on experience in your field. However, sometimes location and time don’t allow for a good fit within your schedule. Have you considered a virtual internship? It’s an internship you do remotely, over the computer and phone. Some people enjoy the flexibility it provides, while others prefer getting experience in the environment.  What do you think? Would a virtual internship be a good fit for you?

Career Enlightenment: Infographic on Social Media into Career

Career Enlightenment: Infographic on Social Media into Career

Thanks to our friends at Career Enlightenment! A picture is worth a thousand words. A lot of people enjoy using social media, but don’t realize that it can not only help them get a job, but also be their job! What do you think? Is social media management the job for you?

Have YOU Found Your Life’s Work?

Have YOU Found Your Life’s Work?

FastCompany posts articles on a variety of work-related subjects, and this one particularly caught our eye. Have you found a position that allows you to grow and truly makes you happy? How did you know it was the job for you? Many people say they “work for the weekend,” but if you’ve found your life’s work, then weekends are merely a break before going back to a place that makes you happy!

Tips to De-Stress During Your Job Search

Tips to De-Stress During Your Job Search

Job searching is one of the most stressful things you can do during your life. This article is exactly why we think the people at CareeRealism are rock stars.  What other tips do you have to help you de-stress?

What Qualities as Employers Seeking?

What Qualities as Employers Seeking?

Thanks to NACE for another great infographic!