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It’s All About The Mindset!

It’s All About The Mindset!

Every year, Beloit College puts together a Mindset List to help college faculty and administrators better understand the viewpoints of the newest class.  It discusses technology, social interaction style, and the American culture.  For many college staff members, it’s a chance to reminisce and exclaim “WHAT?! They don’t know who that is?!” By the same token, we’re no longer making outdated references to celebrities these students have never heard of.  It’s easier for college administrators to relate to students if we know where the student is coming from and what they understand- their mindset.

 Mindset is important because, as you go through the world, it’s necessary to understand culture and the people around you. Things that may have never impacted you may be a huge influence on the life of someone else. It’s imperative to understand how the past is impacting the present. It’s easier to communicate and establish rapport with someone if you have, essentially, walked a mile in their shoes, and understand a bit about what makes them tick. For example, if you want to study abroad, it may not set a good example if you bring up something negative from that country’s past, or you argue with them about an aspect of their culture without understanding it.  Or, you may be an intern pushing for more social media outreach and automated emails from a company that prides itself in face-to-face, personalized interactions.  Have there been any times when someone didn’t understand your mindset? What about a situation where you really grasped a mindset, and the other person really appreciated it? How did you react? 


But They’re Different From Me…

But They’re Different From Me…

Many employers work hard to make sure they have a diversity-friendly environment. However many times, this can leave employees conflicted ad confused. Words and actions may easily get misinterpretted. This is a link discussing cultural barriers. The site also includes many other articles on the subject. What do you do or say that others may not perceive well? What confuses you about other cultures?

International Education Week

Happy International Education Week! We have really enjoyed celebrating this week. We had a table set up in our campus center twice this week where students could try international candies and play trivia to win cool prizes. It was really great to see how much our students know about other countries and cultures!

We’ve also been celebrating by posting facts on our Twitter and Facebook pages. We found a great site called World Factbook which is run by the CIA. You can find it at https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/ It has been fun to look up countries and find out what they are like.

So now, we pose our question to you! Where are you from? Where do you want to go? Where can you research because you know nothing about it? Let us know what you find!