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Twerking Hard or Hardly Twerking?

I am sure many of our readers saw, or at least heard about, the Miley Cyrus fiasco at the Video Music Awards. First of all, we hope no one aspires to “twerk hard” quite like Miley did. And if you do, we hope you keep it off national television.  Even better, keep it off Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. I want you to go to Google right now and search for Miley Cyrus. The first things that pop up are articles about her VMA performance. Even CNN is talking about it!  Now Google your name. There should not be any articles about you rocking out with Robin Thicke.  If there are, or if there is anything similar, you may want to reconsider what image you are projecting to the rest of the world.  When you think about it, is an employer really going to be interested in hiring someone like Miley? Would they want someone with that reputation to impact their reputation? If your Google results need a little cleaning, we suggest putting some privacy levels on your social media accounts. Ask a friend to untag you in your less-than-professionally-flattering pictures. Also, if you create a LinkedIn account, it will automatically go to the top of the search results. If it’s the first thing an employer sees, that will lead to a great impression! You don’t need to completely eliminate all of your social media profiles.  You can always use them to share your accomplishments (both personal and professional) and share your community involvement. But next time you go to get down, make sure you don’t let any moves- or pictures or videos- get out of control!