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Scams (Unfortunately) to Watch Out For

Scams (Unfortunately) to Watch Out For

On top of a rough economy, new graduates now need to keep an eye out for something else- scammers. Students find a job that sounds great on paper, don’t do any research on it, and wind up with no money and more frustrations.

Although we try our best, even we have had students who “interview” at a company, only to spend all day “proving their sales abilities” by going door-to-door and pitching the company. The company gets free advertising and pitches, without even hiring a single person. Or, a student will contact us that they went for an interview, only to find the business wasn’t even where they said they would be.

We urge everyone who is searching for a new job opportunity to do your research! Avoid searching for jobs on mass databases like Monster, or sites like CraigsList. If you have a question about whether a business is legitimate, talk to us. Chances are, if something seems fishy or too good to be true, it more than likely is. Read the attached link to hear more stories and learn about more red flags.