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RCI, SCA, IES, I don’t get it!

One of the services we offer to our students is, when selecting a concentration or career path, they can take the Strong Interest Inventory. By answering questions about their values and interests, we can get a better understanding of what the student may want to pursue. However, the answers can get confusing! Based on the letters fromĀ the Holland Code, here is some insight on what your results may mean.

R- Realistic. You enjoy anything that is practical and hands-on. You like seeing tangible results. You may enjoy working outside, building, or fixing.

I- Investigative. You don’t mind abstract problems and can solve them using science and engineering. You enjoy a good challenge and wonder about what makes the physical world work.

A- Artistic. You enjoy being able to express yourself and your ideas through a variety of ways. You don’t always like or need structure. You may be interested in dance, writing, music, painting, or sculpture.

S- Social. You like being able to directly help or serve others. You are interested in humanity and social causes. You may also like group work and discussion.

E- Enterprising. You have a business-oriented mind. You tend to be drawn to leadership and/or marketing roles. You also tend to be enthusiastic, persuasive, and may beĀ assertive.

C- Conventional. You tend to really value organization and efficiency. You’re more interested in the other side of business, such as planning or data analysis.

Typically, the result of your Strong Interest Inventory is a 3 letter code. Your 3 letters correspond to the areas your answers showed you have the most interest and value in. Sometimes, you may only get 2 letters, or even just 1, and that’s ok. It simply means you showed even more interest and value in those more specific areas.

The Strong Interest Inventory is not the end-all-be-all of deciding on your career. It also takes a lot of self-exploration and research into the opportunities that are available to you. If you enjoy taking self-discovery tests, the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) may also help you.