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Dan McGurl – Legislative Fellowship Program

Moved In and Ready to Go!

Well after weeks of searching Craigslist, talking to landlords, signing leases and hounding professors for my school paperwork; I am finally here, in my apartment and ready to go. While my formal internship doesn’t start until Monday (can you tell I’m ready?) I have been telecommuting classes back at Albright for the last three weeks. I am anxious to meet my new coworkers and other interns but mostly I am excited to get of my couch and have something to fill my time. While having an extended summer has been great I am ready to return to the real world and be productive.  While I’m not quite sure what exactly I will be doing for the next 13 weeks I do know that I will be working out of the office of Representative Rosita Youngblood from Philadelphia and I will be assisting the Gaming Oversight Committee which handles legislation on gambling and small games, so it should be pretty interesting. Last night I walked around Harrisburg for a few hours trying to get a lay of the land and I like it a lot, it’s a cool place with a lot to do and a surprisingly vibrant outdoor community.  I can’t wait to see what’s in store.


It’s All About The Mindset!

It’s All About The Mindset!

Every year, Beloit College puts together a Mindset List to help college faculty and administrators better understand the viewpoints of the newest class.  It discusses technology, social interaction style, and the American culture.  For many college staff members, it’s a chance to reminisce and exclaim “WHAT?! They don’t know who that is?!” By the same token, we’re no longer making outdated references to celebrities these students have never heard of.  It’s easier for college administrators to relate to students if we know where the student is coming from and what they understand- their mindset.

 Mindset is important because, as you go through the world, it’s necessary to understand culture and the people around you. Things that may have never impacted you may be a huge influence on the life of someone else. It’s imperative to understand how the past is impacting the present. It’s easier to communicate and establish rapport with someone if you have, essentially, walked a mile in their shoes, and understand a bit about what makes them tick. For example, if you want to study abroad, it may not set a good example if you bring up something negative from that country’s past, or you argue with them about an aspect of their culture without understanding it.  Or, you may be an intern pushing for more social media outreach and automated emails from a company that prides itself in face-to-face, personalized interactions.  Have there been any times when someone didn’t understand your mindset? What about a situation where you really grasped a mindset, and the other person really appreciated it? How did you react?