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Salad and Bread Crumbs and Etiquette, Oh My!

Every week, our good friends at the Culture and Manners Institute send us an email with an etiquette tip.  This week, it was especially appropriate since we’re launching our promotions for Bring Your Own Briefcase, an event for seniors to network, get tips on professional clothing, and take part in an etiquette dinner.  Lo and behold, the etiquette tip revolved around food falling off the plate at dinner!  Read their insight, below, to feel better prepared for your next meal with an employer or at a networking event. If you’d like more tips from the Culture and Manners Institute, check them out at http://www.cultureandmanners.com/


“When I give a dining tutorial, a frequent question is, “What if something falls off my plate?” This is usually asked during a salad course.  Because salads are tricky.  They are made up of items of wacky shapes and textures that don’t fit together like Legos.  Cherry tomatoes roll.  Croutons bounce.  Leaf lettuce flaps this way and that. Dressing just greases the skids. Of course, it’s piled high onto a tiny plate.

If a piece of lettuce lands on the table, leave it (no pun intended.)  When you are finished with your salad, put the leaf back on the plate before the plate is removed.

Do you ever feel self-conscious about bread crumbs left behind?  It’s probably because you are imagining everyone else at the table looking at your crumbs on the dark table cloth and thinking, “Did any of the bread make it into his/her mouth?”  Don’t sweat the bread crumbs. Into all our lives a few crumbs must fall.  In some fine dining venues, a wait person will come to your rescue by scooping up the crumbs with a magic wand called a crumber.”


Albright Seniors, don’t forget to pre-register for Bring Your Own Briefcase by April 20- the event is April 30th at 6pm in the South Lounge.