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Why does my employer want THAT?!

On nearly every website you sign up for, it tells you in bold letters: Do Not Share Your Password. People are more aware of everything they do on the internet, from buying on Ebay to finding a flight to LA to posting a picture of your new puppy. We take for granted all of the security settings, and we never share our passwords.

But what if you’re in an interview and you’re asked for it? Then comes a dilemma. Do you offer up your password, pray no one remembers it after you leave, and hope they don’t find anything in your personal life a reason not to hire you? Or do you say no, and pretty much ruin your own chances of getting the job?

From the research I’ve done, it seems that employers will Google candidates in an effort to weed out the extras and determine who is an upstanding citizen who would be a beneficial team member. But why a personal profile? Why not a professional network like LinkedIn? In the articles, you’ll find that some companies will have you do your application through Facebook, or ask you to sign in while in your interview, just so they can find out more about you. For some super sensitive jobs, say, police work, maybe it makes sense. And some can argue that you reflect yourself in your work, and vice versa. So how would you, dear reader, interpret the question of “may I go through your facebook?” Is it an infringement on your personal life, or a chance to show what a genuine candidate you are?