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More Than A Vacation: Benefits of Study Abroad

This semester, many students have expressed an interest in participating in at least one study abroad opportunity. We’re setting up new exchanges and finding new scholarships to make this a reality for our students, and we’re excited about their excitement!  One thing we hope our students recognize is just how much they will get out of their time abroad.  Not only will they grow academically, but also personally and professionally. InternationalStudent shares 10 benefits of study abroad, and here are five of them:

  1. Take In A New Culture- You will have the opportunity to try new foods, hear new music, participate in new holidays and traditions, and get a feeling for a new history.
  2. Developing A New Language- Although the language barrier is often a fear for students, it can be a great opportunity to hone and new skill and break out of your comfort zone.  Even if you are going to an English-speaking country, there may be new dialects that you can learn.
  3. Personal Development- Study abroad provides an infinite number of possibilities to strengthen your professional skills. Through study abroad, you will gain an understanding of how culture impacts work life, the importance of communication, critical thinking skills, and remaining calm even when an experience is overwhelming.  These skills will be incredibly beneficial for you in the world of work.
  4. Education- Teaching styles and class structures vary from country to country, so you will have to learn to adapt and how to balance your time between doing well in classes and allowing time to explore your new host country.
  5. See New Worlds- Depending on the location of your study abroad experience, or even the program that coordinates the experience, you may have the opportunity to explore not just one country, but many!

To see the many other reasons why you should consider taking part in a study abroad experience, check out InternationalStudent at: http://www.internationalstudent.com/study-abroad/guide/ten-benefits-to-studying-abroad/ . What are other benefits of study abroad that you think should make the list?


Study Abroad: Is It REALLY Worth It?

Study Abroad: Is It REALLY Worth It?

Our office regularly invites program providers to come to our campus and connect with students about study abroad and stuff off campus opportunities. In addition, the spring semester brings our annual Study Abroad/Off Campus Fair, where students have the chance to meet with multiple providers, as well as meet with students who have studied abroad before. With our Fair being right around the corner, we wanted to take a moment to touch on the benefits of study abroad.

During a study led by CourseHero, 55% of students who turned from time abroad said the experience had a notable to significant impact on their career plans. 41% of students who studied abroad had a strong interest in working abroad after graduation, compared to only 17% of students who did not study abroad. Students who study abroad are able to add more qualitities to their resume, including foreign language proficiency, improved communication skills, strategic international undersanding, maturity, flexibility, and cross-cultural competence. Even better, employers recognize the importance of study abroad in selecting job candidates. 73% of employers acknowledged that seeing study abroad experience on a resume was important when evaluating candidates, and many Human Resource specialists recognized improved ability to start and continue conversations during interviews from students who studied abroad. Check out the photo to see what other things CourseHero gathered from their research!

There are many considerations when determining if study abroad is right for you. Take the time to research options and the various programs offered. Now matter where you go, and no matter how long you are there, the benefits of study abroad and off campus study will really help you shine!

Albright students, take the first step in planning your experience abroad by attending the Study Abroad/Study Off Campus Fair on Wednesday, March 5th, from 10:30am-1:30pm in the Campus Center!