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The Words You Need to Know

The Words You Need to Know

In light of Women’s History Month, our office teamed up with two other departments on campus to hold a panel discussion on leadership qualities in women. During our planning stages, our main focus was simple: how do we empower women to feel confident in the workplace? As this article from Women For Hire points out, women need to exude confidence right from the very beginning- their interview. More often than not, women struggle with the interview because they don’t want to seem pushy, or they don’t feel confident that they are the best candidate for the job. So, to help women feel more prepared, the article lists five statements everyone should make in order to feel more confident in themselves and in presenting their previous experiences. These phrases aren’t limited to just the interview, but they will help you answer questions by serving as a lead-off point. For example, when an employer asks “why should we hire you?” you can always start your answer with “I am an excellent candidate for your job because…” It gives a boost of confidence to use “excellent” instead of “good fit” because it’s more assertive and excellent is always better than good. The article also includes five phrases no one should ever use in an interview, particularly because the interview isn’t meant to bash a previous employer or negotiate salary. By having these phrases in mind, women and men alike can have an outstanding interview and feel more confident in their job search.