Tiara Willis American University of Dubai Study Abroad

Tiara Willis American University of Dubai Study Abroad

Among the top things to do in Dubai, this is probably number 1. This is me skydiving with the view of a man made Island called the Palm Island. The island has resorts, hotels and residences. The amount of money this country has is unfathomable. It is completely normal for a student to move here from another country and live in a mansion by herself. !!!!!! I have difficulty figuring out how I am going to afford food and they have their own chiefs! haha! Its interesting. But the people out here have such kind hearts. Everyone here is so kind. This is a place I can see myself living. Maybe I will come back. 😉
I’ve taken advantage of many opportunities here, volunteering, going to lectures, doing extra projects, going to cultural events, etc. There’s so much opportunity here. Also, the school I am attending is like for royal people. Everyone here is royal. EVERYONE! Americans are the poorest things here ironically. Lots of motivation!! haha!
Well I’m off to a kings house, just kidding! 😉

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