Alexis Jenofsky: Drama Therapy: A Different way of Theatre

Well hello there!

I finally figured out how to work this! My name is Alexis Jenofsky and I currently am a sophomore Theatre-English, and Arts Administration major! (Woo that took a lot out of me) A little bit about me! I am involved in many things on campus including being apart of the Domino Players, being a Student Ambassador, working at the Volunteer Center, serving as President for Albrights (ASTEP) Artists Striving to End Poverty Chapter, and CURRENTLY an ACRE research student!

I never thought that I would be spending my summer here at Albright, but I could not imagine it any other way. This summer I am studying intensely alongside Junior Madeline Sedler, and Professor Julia Matthews on the effects of Drama Therapy! I learned about the ACRE program during my first semester here at Albright, and thought that it would be a really cool experience. I figured I would’ve had to wait until my junior year to do one of these projects; but I knew that it never hurt to try and propose one.

Many times you will find me in the theatre lobby. It’s a place that I just love to be in. One day I was sitting in the lobby with my friend Maddie, and we were just talking about some cool project ideas. Eventually we realized that we had very similar interests. Both of our interests pushed us into the idea of researching more deeply into Drama Therapy! We both got super excited, and shared our excitement with theatre professor Julia Matthews who was equally excited, and eager to jump on board with us.

Once we were on board we had to start the application process. The application process required us to dig even deeper into the topic of Drama Therapy. The question’s being… “What do I want to learn, what do I want as a finished product”? After discovering my focus, the application process was a breeze. I say a breeze because I was invested in it. I just kept working hard! Now that the project is finally going, I am excited! Our workshops will soon be starting up, and I cannot wait to see how others respond to them.

Time to get back to studying away!


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