Amanda Kopil: The City of Reading GIS Intern/DCNR Tree Surveyor


So it is official! I LOVE MY INTERNSHIP! My supervisor is great and really trusts me with a lot and encourages me to progress. I made my very first real printed map from scratch a couple days ago. I was so excited because when it printed it was the size of half a white board in a classroom!!! I am using it for my ongoing project to be able to see a lot better and reference when possible. I literally have this huge map pinned in my cubicle.

            Another fabulous thing about my supervisor is that she knows what I will need to learn in order to progress in my professional career. Yesterday, she took an hour of her own time to teach me a thing called geocoding, which is pretty awesome. We went over an example and then she gave me some tips and notebooks that she had from when she went to trainings with ArcGIS. I really appreciate everything that my internship is offering me so far.

            The workplace I am at is a typical office with people running around and phones ringing off the hook. Sometimes I have questions for my supervisor but she is so busy I have to find the right time to approach her, which for advice is usually when she has stopped talking/typing for a good minute! You don’t want to annoy and you don’t want to not ask questions so finding that happy medium is important. I have to wear business casual to work everyday even though some of my other coworkers wear jeans on occasion. It really is best to stick with business casual instead of even leaning towards casual (I know it is hard). Another tip; shop at thrift stores for business casual clothes! I have found some great buys at Goodwill and Plato’s Closet. Even if something is a little too big it is worth getting it altered for the price you get it for and it won’t look sloppy. Just a few tips 😉

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