Milca Mendez- 3D Printing: A Synthesis of Biology and Art


Hi Everyone!
My ACRE project is moving along and I cannot believe we are already in the middle of July!! I was finally able to print a successful tray that resembles Invisalign! It took a couple of tries since the first time I attempted to make them did not work out the way I had hoped. However though the process was time consuming and at times a bit frustrating I learned to use the software very well! Because of my new acquired proficiency with the software I was able to design an anatomically correct tooth! I used the measurements from a dental anatomy book and made a little stand for the tooth so I can put it on display! I had only planned on making one since I was not sure how long it would take me to build my tooth, but now I think I’ll make one of every kind once I finish my other goals. My current goal is to make a screw (to represent an implant) to use as the clasp for my dentistry inspired necklace!

I have been very fortunate that though I have had some set backs at times, overall I am accomplishing my goals and sometimes even surpassing them. On Friday I will be visiting Arcad Lab, which is a dental lab that uses a 3D printer very similar to the one I use! I also plan on visiting Dr. Schwab’02 and checking out the Cerec Machine at his practice, which uses CAD/CAM technology. Both of these were tentative goals that are occurring!

I cannot complain I have had a great support system throughout my years at Albright and also during my research. Professor Kolb has taught me so much about 3D printing and design and has been super helpful. Not only has my advisor been super helpful but everyone else too! Reading Orthodontist Group, where I had my braces, has been willing to help me with pretty much anything I have needed this summer, Dr. Schwab is always willing to give me advice, and Arcad Lab is letting me visit tomorrow! This has been such a great experience!!

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