Thinking about Grad School? Know your resources!

This week, our Center had three events related to graduate and professional schools! Wow! We had a great response from our students, and it’s great to see so many are considering attending graduate school at one point or another in their life. We’ve talked before about how the decision to go to graduate school is not to be taken lightly.  Once you make that decision, there’s a lot of things to be crossed off the to-do list as you get ready! Today, we compiled a list of links to help you prepare for all aspects of the application process- from finding a school, to writing a personal statement, to preparing for admission tests.  Don’t forget to use your resources, such as your career center, faculty members, or the admissions office of the school you are considering!

Click to access The-Graduate-Application-Process.pdf

Click to access Writing-Your-Personal-Statement.pdf

Click to access Graduate-and-Professional-School-Testing-Info.pdf

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