Your Presentation CAN Be A Success!!

Last week we discussed two qualities that employers want their employees to have- likeability and trustworthiness. Today we’re going to shift gears a little bit and focus on a skill that all employers want, but candidates often hesitate to talk about: their presentation skills! Few people seem to enjoy public speaking, and because of that, typically lack confidence in their ability to have a successful presentation. Steve Knight wrote an excellent article on the 7 keys to a successful presentation. By using those tips and having more successful presentations, you’ll gain more confidence in your public speaking abilities and, in turn, feel more comfortable marketing this valuable skill to potential employers.
1. Assess your audience- What do they need to hear from you? What will inspire them?
2. Bring positivity- No one wants to be dragged down. Be positive, and the audience will be positive with you
3. Breathe to project- Use your diaphragm to add more “oomph” to your voice and exude more power into what you’re discussing
4. Body language- Make sure your actions match your message. An excited presentation won’t seem as exciting if you’re standing stiff as a board and not making eye contact
5. Voice visualization- Use tone and inflection to bring your words to life
6. Leadership Presence- What public speaking qualities do your role models have? How can you share those qualities in your presentation?
7. No PowerPoint Overkill- Use it strategically. Use pictures and images, and only show text when YOU are ready to talk about it.
What other suggestions do you have for a successful presentation? How would you explain your most successful presentation to an employer during an interview? You can read more about Mr. Knight’s tips here: rules-

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