University of Edinburgh’s Innovative Learning Week

Climbing up the steep face of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh

Hey Albrightians,

So for all of you that don’t know, Innovative Learning Week is a week we had from February 13th to the 22nd where students are supposed to go out and explore, whether it be another country, your studies, or a time to do fun activities around campus. But for most of us, we just consider it a week off to do whatever! One of my flat mates left for Cardiff, Wales and stayed there for a while, and my other flat mate from America left for Dublin, Budapest, and Prague, so they both got that international exploration down. But for the rest of us we just stayed in the accommodations and lived up life!

I wanted to do a bit more during break and hopefully get over to Glasgow and maybe loch Ness and such but rides and transportation didn’t work out so well. But the break was far from being boring! My flat mate from Korea, Pierre Park, and I would have a real bonding week, and he had his friend, Lizzie, from London over for a few days and she was a wonderful girl and it was nice to have her over. Pierre and I would cook really awesome meals like enchiladas, Pae Thai, Fried Tofu with Tonkastu sauce and rice with Furikake, our own home-made fried mars bars (which is a Scottish classic!), and a Couscous surprise!

Fried Tofu with Tonkastu sauce and rice with Furikake

Wiping up those vegetarian enchiladas

We also went traveling around Edinburgh a bit and I saw some stuff that I didn’t get to before. One day in particular was a packed day where five of us went hiking up Arthur’s seat, went to buy fish and a snail for our new flat 6 fish tank, we went into the Scottish Parliament which had a very modern art look to it, and we ended that day randomly stopping by the Scientology religious building to see what it was all about. Another day soon after was spent venturing around the Scottish National Galleries where we saw famous works of art by artists like Da Vinci, Rafael, Monet, Van Gogh, Degas, Rembrandt, and then works from very famous Scottish artists like the two famous portrait painters: Allan Ramsay and Sir Henry Raeburn. To finish the day we went to a nice and very Scottish restaurant called Element where my friend and I had Chicken stuffed with Haggis (yum!); I would definitely recommend this one if you ever get over to Edinburgh!

Checking out the view on Arthur’s seat

Our crew reaching the windy summit of Arthur’s seat!

At a lake near the mountain

Edinburgh’s Parliament Building

Random visit to the Scientology building

Scottish National Gallery

With my friend Amir Botros from Egypt and Lizzie from London at the Scottish National Gallery

The very Scottih restaurant I was talking about called Element

The two last big things would be going to a Korean restaurant to celebrate Korean New Year, where the food was absolutely amazing. I think I found a new favorite style of food. Then on the last day two friends and I would bond as we took a leisurely drive to the beach, went shopping in a massive grocery store, eat McDonalds in a parking lot, attempt to buy more fish from a closed Pet store, and gamble for the first time on 3 football (soccer) games. Sadly we lost, but it wasn’t a lot of money so it’s alright. Oh and how can any free week go by without going to a club almost every other day! These brits and University of Edinburgh students in particular have never enough of the clubs ha ha!

Cheers everyone, Alexio

My pal Pierre Park taking us out for Korean New Year at an awesome Korean food place!

Outside the Korean restaurant for Korean New Years

Ah yes and those club nights with the whole gang!

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