Khadijah Dixon Internship at Philadephia Juvenile Probation

The new family court, which is where my office is.

The new family court, which is where my office is.

The desk that I work at.

The desk that I work at.

Me at my desk just taking a random picture.

Me at my desk just taking a random picture.

“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.” A quote by Bo Jackson, an American athlete, gives insight to how I plan to achieve my many goals. I am happy to say that I achieved one of them by receiving an internship from the Philadelphia Juvenile Probation Office. I had always dreamed of receiving a government internship. When I received the position, I was ecstatic. Completing a government internship/job, in my opinion, has always given one an advantage because one can see firsthand how a certain sector of the city’s offices operate. In my case, I am able to see how the juvenile probation department operates. The sector that I work in does behavioral evaluation referrals. Although this work mainly takes place at my desk, I get to travel and meet probation officers in the different districts. Also I talk to people in the education department and as well as people in community behavioral health.

In order to get this internship, it did require a lot of preparation. Thanks to the staff at the Experiential Learning and Career Development Center, they helped make my dream a reality. Karen Rieker helped me with my resume and cover letter to make sure it was understandable for my supervisor. She helped me remain optimistic and always gave kind words. While working at the center thanks to all the training and projects that I was given, it is truly helping me with my internship, especially dealing with sensitive information. My internship is similar to my job because it is not only the teen’s personal information, but at times their parents as well. But working at the ELCDC has definitely prepared me for this milestone in my life.

Although I did not have a formal interview, when I first went there for my orientation I was very nervous because I had not been through metal detectors in a long time. Also while waiting, I was not sure what to expect. But after talking to my supervisor, Catherine, I felt better and was ready to begin to work in the new building. I filled out all the necessary paper work, agreed to a background check and by Friday I began my first day on May 29th.

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