Casey Ayers, Carpenter Technology


My first few weeks at my internship have been awesome. Everybody has welcomed me in with open arms and have helped me in any way that I am in need of. My first impression on the culture was that it was a very friendly one. Everybody in my department knows each other on a pretty personal level, so everybody always asks and talks about things outside of work. The next thing I noticed was how casual of a atmosphere it is. Nobody here is wearing suits which is different than my past internship at Merrill Lynch. Most times people wear kakis with like a golf shirt, and it is a lot more comfortable.

My responsibilities include requesting drawings from engineers when orders are going to go out. From there, I package the orders and get them ready to be mailed out. I also run different reports each week and monthly so the buyers know where they need to improve upon, how much they have saved, their average days to pay, etc. I also file trucking receipts when orders arrive to Carpenter so they have them on their record. Then I have many other projects that my manager assigns to me.

I have a really good relationship with my manager. She is always available for the most part for me to stop in if I have questions about what she wants me to do or how to do a project. She really understands my commitments for basketball and school, and she has no problem letting me leave for meetings, review sessions, etc. My biggest knowledge that has helped me so far has been my experience with Excel. Taking SPI 260 at Albright has really helped me because everything I do involves working in Excel in one way shape or form. When I run reports, I have to create charts and v-lookups which I had no idea how to do before taking that class.

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