Willpower: One Now, Two Later

We’ve recently started getting emails from a personal branding specialist named Michael Peggs. In his blog, he shares his experiences and translates them into ways to help those who are job searching. In a recent blog post, he discussed The Marshmallow Test. In this exercise, kindergarteners were given the option of having one marshmallow now, or waiting fifteen minutes and getting two marshmallows. As you can imagine, the kindergarteners struggled with the concept of waiting!

However, even as grownups, we still struggle with waiting and self-control. It’s important to remember that willpower and persistence always pay off! It’s difficult to accept delayed gratification, because who wouldn’t want instant gratification? The reward is sweeter, though, when you’ve had to worker harder and longer to achieve your goals. Never give up, and never cut corners and take the easy way out. Things will happen that are out of your control, and may delay your dreams from coming true, but when they do come true, you’ll be even more excited about your accomplishment because you overcame all of the obstacles that stood in your way.

To read more about The Marshmallow Test and Michael Peggs’ reaction to it, check out the blog post here: http://www.michaelpeggs.com/secret-of-success-one-now-two-later/#sthash.aTiHOHJS.dpbs

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